My actual investing investing journey started 20 years ago when I with shaky hands from my student dorm room bought my first stocks.  For the first 10 years this was the hobby investor journey and my focus on investing shifted up and down, depending on other life events or job workload. Towards the end of those 10 years I added a CFA to my existing Msc quant/math background.

The second half of my investment journey started with that I became a FoF portfolio manager for 2 years. I had the fantastic opportunity to spend two years meeting some of the best long only managers in the world. Get a glimpse into how they and their teams operated and sometimes discuss with them the stock ideas I myself had. This was incredibly rewarding and spurred me to start my blog (@GlobalStockPick on twitter) 8 years ago. I classify these last 10 years as my more “professional” and structured investing journey, although it of course has been more of a sliding scale of becoming a more mature and better investor.

What am I good at?

For those of you that followed the GSP journey you know I’m from Sweden but based in Hong Kong. Although it was called global stock picking, it was a strong focus on Europe and Hong Kong markets, which occasional off-shoots to USA and Japan. While the European and Hong Kong markets delivered little to no returns for the past 8 years, I delivered a 14% CAGR. This you can verify through my detailed old blog and I have a huge spreadsheet with each buy/sell which created the weekly NAV I kept published during those 8 years.

My portfolio performance Mar 2016-May 2024 mostly HK/EU, a 14% CAGR

I believe I really sharpened my teeth particularly in – my new home – Hong Kong, a difficult market to invest in. After struggling for many years and making plenty of mistakes, I feel I’m actually pretty decent at investing in Hong Kong now. Together with especially Nordic stocks, these two pools are my home base and I tried to expand my circle of competence by investing in places like Poland and Japan. I do still feel more like a novice in these markets.

From a sector perspective looking back at my investments, my gut feeling was that many of the best ones were related to Healthcare. I thought about this some more, went back and double checked my results and realized not only was it a sector I enjoyed digging deeply into but indeed I also had most of my best stock ideas and returns from this sector. Some of these write-ups I have copied over from my old blog to this Substack.

Healthcare it is

So after 20 years of investing I now start a new journey, to not only be a decent general investor but to become a global Healthcare sector expert. Initially I will focus less on Pharma, as I have less of an edge of judging Phase I/II/III studies but let’s see where this journey takes me. Hopefully I have energy in me to keep going another 20 years!

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